About US

A Vision of Excellence

A team of first generation entrepreneurs promotes Vedang Consultancy. Together they bring in the experience with global organizations in recruitment & resourcing, solution development, people management, Training & Development ,administration and marketing. Vedang Consultancy understand what it takes a company to hire the right professional for the right position.

Given the mix of collective skills & experience, commitment to deadlines and a strong culture of ethics. In keeping with the current industry requirements, Vedang Consultancy has developed a mix of professionals with domain and functional experience, who act as a like-minded sounding board to the customer - who could be an organization or a candidate.

We take pride in our ability to recruit and evaluate quality professionals that our clients demand. We are focused on finding the right opportunities for individuals based on their talent and aspirations. We excel in locating and hiring exceptional talent to enhance the development and retention of the skilled professionals that companies need today to retain their competitive edge.

Vedang Consultancy team-based work culture ensures that employees have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for the company's growth.

Vedang Consultancy respects the stringent expectations of highly competitive, new economy firms who value commitment and quality from their business partners. Vedang Consultancy strive to meet their expectations and are proud to be associated with such clients.